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What is ECAP?

ECAP stands for Employees Care About Pima County, an annual worksite fundraiser which allows Pima County employees to contribute to their favorite charity through payroll deduction or a one time donation. (Note, the name changed in 2019 from Employees Combined Appeal Program.)

Pima County employees have been donating to a wide array of community charities since 1969. Together, we make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors, in the care of animals, and in the health of our environment.

How much should I donate?

You decide but please note there is a minimum $1 donation per payment, whether it is one-time or bi-weekly.

How much of my donation goes towards administrative costs?

Pima County and the United Way do not receive or use any of your pledge towards administrative costs. One hundred percent (100%) of your pledge will go directly to the agency/ies you designate.

Why should I donate through ECAP?

In addition to doing good for the community, some ECAP donations may be tax deductible. By contributing through ECAP, you make bi-weekly contributions and your donation total is tracked on your paycheck stub. Or you can make a one-time donation too.

I tried opting out and I received a message indicating “2099 – Bad server response”. What do I do?

This may be due to internal network security measures. Copy and paste the link in your browser.

Where can I obtain a paper pledge form?

You can print out a paper pledge form from the ECAP webpage under Resources and select “2021 Pledge Form”. If you do not have access to a computer and cannot give online, you can ask for a pledge card from your department solicitor or coordinator or through the ECAP committee using this form.

What if I want to give to more than 5 agencies or 1 agency not listed on the drop-down selections ?

If you need more room, ask for a paper pledge form from your Department Coordinator or Solicitor.

What if people choose not to give?

That is your choice.  There are lots of reasons people choose not to donate. But, please complete the Opt Out section on the Donation Page or Paper Pledge Form.  Every response, whether a donation or an “opt out” means your name will be taken off the email list and your department solicitor.

How do I find out who my department coordinator and/or solicitor are?

Search the 2021 Solicitor/Coordinator List on the Donation page or contact Committee point of contact Joanna Dinan or Committee Chair Judy Cooper by email - or

What if I do not understand how to fill out the pledge form and/or the report envelope?

Contact your Coordinator, your Solicitor or a steering committee member or you can reference the 2021 ECAP Training Manual on the ECAP webpage under Resources.

I lost my copy of last year's pledge form, and do not remember what agency received my donation. How can I get that information?

You will have to contact the United Way at 520.903.9000 or see My Giving History under GIVE tab of Home Page.

Can I take time off from work to attend an ECAP event?

Mr. Huckelberry, County Administrator, is an avid supporter of ECAP. All department directors, managers, and supervisors are encouraged to allow employees to participate in any ECAP event that may be conducted by the coordinator or solicitor for their respective department.

Where do ECAP contributions go?

With over 200 agencies to choose from, you decide where your contribution will go. If no agency is designated, your donation will be placed in a community fund where the United Way designates the nonprofits that will receive the funds.  And again, 100% of the your donation goes to the charity/ies you designate.

Can a one-time donation be made through payroll deduction?

Yes. Select “Payroll Pledge (One-Time)” on the Donation page.

Can an employee still contribute if he plans to retire next year?

Yes. However, the donation will stop when the employee retires, which means the full amount of the donation may not be reached. A one-time donation would be the best choice.

Can a temporary or intermittent employee donate to ECAP?

Yes, but depending on the actual hours worked, the agency may not receive the full amount of the donation.

What if the agency I want to receive my donation isn't in the ECAP member agency directory?

With the donor choice option, you may write in your favorite agency name, provided it is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 agency. If it isn't you will be contacted to redirect your donation.

What is the Ending Poverty Now fund?

Poverty is a serious issue for our community.  That’s why Pima County and United Way are partnering with community organizations to help break the cycle of poverty so families can get ahead instead of just “getting by.”  Each year, Pima County’s Ending Poverty Now initiative works with area organizations that are using the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ by World curriculum and working together to help our neighbors improve their lives.  And by giving to the Ending Poverty Now Fund, you can receive a tax credit from the state of Arizona. Interested in more information? Contact Bonnie Bazata at or 520-724-3704.

How does an agency become an ECAP beneficiary?

Contact Daniel Davis, 520-351-8455 or or Ray Velez, 520-724-4489 or  

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