Affinity Groups


Our Affinity Groups offer a way to connect and engage.


($500 annually, $20/pay period)

Young Leaders United (YLU) is a group of passionate, community-focused young professionals who want to connect with peers, serve their community and develop as leaders for change. They achieve these goals by participating in United Way events, engaging in community issues and giving personally. YLU raises funds for Opportunity Youth and the Re-Engagement Center (REC).


($1000 annually, $39/pay period)

Women United is a global movement of more than 70,000 diverse women leaders who combine their financial power and talents to address key issues in their communities. In Southern Arizona, Women United devotes its efforts to early education and literacy. Its local impact can be seen through year-round activities such as volunteer reading and networking events. Their signature event is the Annual Business Leaders for Early Education Breakfast.


($10,000 annually, $385/pay period)

Founded in 1984, the United Way Tocqueville Society is an opportunity for passionate individuals to become more deeply involved in United Way’s mission. The Tocqueville Society recognizes local philanthropic leaders who have devoted time, talent and funds to create change in our community. The Tocqueville Society was founded in honor of French historian Alexis de Tocqueville, who visited America in 1831. His most important observation was that Americans help each other in times of need. In Tucson and Southern Arizona, Tocqueville Society members demonstrate how generosity today impacts the generations of tomorrow.

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